How to use

Channel Page Guide

  1. When you are watching any channel.
  2. Push the Ok button on your remote control. This will bring up the channel page menu.
  3. On the left is the categories. I recommend you leave it on all.
  4. Move the hightlighted cursor to the channels (3 column rows). You can move up, dow, and side to side on the channels.
  5. Pick the channel you want to watch and click on the ok button. You should be watch that channel you clicked on.
  6. Repeat the steps if you want to pick another channel.

Firestick - to move the Got TV app to the front Home page

  1. On the remote Hold down the house button until the shortcut menu screen appears.
  2. Select the apps icon (it will be highlighted in yellow if you have it selected ). Then click the middle circle button.
  3. Move/highlight to the Soplayer app (the pink app with the Flag or P symbol).
  4. On the remote post the button with the 3 lines.
  5. Take the option to Move To Front.

Do the same steps for the Downloader, and Filelinked program.